The destruction of consoles is something that has always been used to generate controversy and many views on YouTube. We have all seen a video where someone decides to break a PS4 For different reasons, some do it just for fun, while for others this is a punishment imposed by parents. In this way, it has long gone viral a video where we can see how Sony’s last generation console is put to an end.

While the video in question was posted in 2019, this work is constantly going viral. Here we can see how an angry father decides to destroy his son’s PS4, this after learning of his bad grades. This has generated a series of controversial opinions, with people who approve, and others who are not in favor of this behavior.

However, it seems that this is not as simple as it seems. Tre Cosby, who destroys the PS4, is a YouTube comedian with thousands of subscribers and views. Thus, many have pointed out that this supposed punishment, which he has already done in the past, is just a way to get visitors on your channel.

Although this point has not been clarified, this theory does not sound so far-fetched considering that most of his videos have a couple of thousand views, but those where it destroys a PS4 or Xbox 360 they have generated about half a million visits.

Speaking of consoles, on the day of the announcement a new Switch Lite edition of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Y Shining pearl.


Via: Tre Cosby

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Father destroys a PS4 and goes viral

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