Far Cry 6 analysis

Far Cry 6 analysis

A couple of months ago, Far cry 6, the latest installment in the hit action saga of Ubisoft welcomed its first major DLC included in the Season Pass: Vaas: Madness, the first of three content focused on the most popular antagonists of the saga hated and loved at the same time. As we already mentioned, this first DLC put us squarely in the mind of the leader of the pirates Vaas Montenegro, where we could learn more about his version of the story in Far cry 3, his regrets, his ‘head meals’ … a fairly complete addition to the graphic power of the sixth installment of the franchise full of challenges and memories in the purest style roguelike.

After Christmas has passed, the time has come for Pay Min, antagonist of Far Cry 4, enters the scene with the second DLC of the series, Pay Min: Control. This one follows practically the same modus operandi as the first one, but I assure you that it is a real joy to relive some moments and spectacular scenes inspired by Kyrat in this way1.

Control or… redemption?

In the end, as happened with Vaas, each player decides if the bad guy is really that bad or if any of us can make mistakes and take a wrong path, what they both have in common is clear: they seek redemption. And, although at the time they could not get it the way they wanted, at least their mind can redeem themselves and be at peace with themselves, that is our main mission in these DLCs.

This time, in order to help Pagan and escape his mind we will have to find the 3 fragments of the Golden Mask. To do this, we will have to complete different challenges and events, whether they are searching, eliminating enemies or completing puzzles, increasing our ‘I respect‘, with which we can expand our arsenal and most importantly: become little by little stronger to be able to emerge victorious from the events that lead us to reunite this mask. To this is obviously added a list of memories of our protagonist that we can relive, face his demons from the past and learn more about his relationship with Ishwari Y Lakshmana.

Far Cry 6 Analysis - Pagan: Control 2

Where is the catch? Of course there is, as I have already mentioned, when inspired by such a genre, once we die we lose everything (Except for the traits, which are permanent), so you have to be very careful and go around the challenges several times to see if we are properly prepared and equipped, since each one has a level of difficulty that is shown as soon as we enter the area in question.

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To end with the things it offers us Pagan: Control I want to mention two very important ones: yes, it has different difficultiesThese are unlocked as we manage to escape from Pagan’s mind without dying and completing the three main challenges, although I already told you that it will not be an easy task. The other feature that this DLC has is that if the player is feeling a bit lonely, they can play it on cooperative mode With a friend, all you need is to play on the same platform and receive an invite from someone who owns said DLC.

pay min


Having seen these points, and since it is an added content, the big question comes, is it worth it? If you have in your power the Season pass Obviously it is something that you cannot ignore, if on the contrary you have to acquire it separately, it is best that you have played and passed Far cry 4Well, if not, you can go a little lost in terms of the events of the DLC. In the end, the grace is in getting to know Pagan a little beforehand, his steps and reliving them in a new generation, a full-blown fanservice content that seeks to attract those players who enjoyed the fourth installment a lot.

Although of course that does not mean that someone who has not played that title cannot enjoy it. We are facing a new game mode, as I have already said with different difficulties, in which we can entertain ourselves for hours and hours, improve our brands and collect each memory at the same time that we get collectibles for Far Cry 6. A quite worked addition that you are looking for entertain without further background and learn a little more about the story of the protagonist.

Remember that the DLC Pagan: Control, is available for download starting this January 11.