Fans have created a remake of Silent Hill in UE5

Fans have created a remake of Silent Hill in UE5

Although many hope that a new game of Silent hill is just around the corner, the truth seems to be that Konami is not interested in reliving this series. In this way, it falls into the hands of the players themselves to fulfill their dreams. This is the case of an unofficial remake, which uses the Unreal Engine 5 to breathe new life into the Keiichiro Toyama classic.

Recently, a group of fans, known as Codeless Studio, took on the task of reimagining the original. Silent hill by PS1, with a modern visual style that manages to preserve the feeling of horror and despair, but it looks better than ever. For this, they turned to the new graphics engine from Epic Games, and the result is this first advance in pre-alpha.

Although this look still needs work, the promise of a remake that manages to live the legacy of the first title is present. The atmosphere, the camera, and the mist transport us to the town of Sillent Hill. Now we just have to wait and see if Codeless Studio can complete its project before Konami decides to impose a lawsuit.

In related topics, Keiichiro Toyama has spoken about the possibility of a Silent Hill remake. Similarly, Konami has entered the NFT market with Castlevania.


Editor’s Note:

The work of the fans never ceases to amaze. While the creators of this series have advanced with different projects, players are still holding on to create the definitive version of this title. Perhaps Konami’s indifference will allow them to finish this project, although this is unlikely.

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Fans have created a remake of Silent Hill in UE5

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