Fans fix a famous Silent Hill 2 bug

Fans fix a famous Silent Hill 2 bug

Today, Silent Hill two and the franchise in general have become classics and have been reevaluated over time, which is why many new fans want to take a look at the franchise. And now, a group of people have decided to kill a bug that is in the Enhanced Edition for pcone that literally prevented further progress in this.

This PC reissue is an ongoing project looking to make the game run better on modern hardware, including adding widescreen aspect ratios, improving visuals and audio. However, there is a slight inconvenience that has not allowed them to advance, and that is a problem when wanting to run with current processors.

Specifically, the bug points to the game’s audio streaming engine, which doesn’t like multi-core CPUs, and basically all computers use one now. The glitch would start with certain audio skipping, followed by the game crashing. To fix this we rebuilt the audio streaming engine from scratch so it doesn’t cause any issues on multi-core CPUs.

Thus, the most recent update of Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Editionas detailed in the video at the top of these paragraphs. It also brought a series of other improvements, such as increasing the quality of the FMV scenes, something difficult to do, since these are defined in a single resolution and definition, so that working with them implies entering the code to modify everything.

In addition, there is the drawback that there is no possible way to play Silent Hill 2 in digital format. And the physical edition costs quite a bit of money on the used game market.

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Via: VG247