fans discuss Thousand Sunny on Red

fans discuss Thousand Sunny on Red

It’s about to hit theaters One Piece: Redthe latest anime adaptation, which hits theaters in Japan on 6th Augustand later to Mexico and Latin America, this, which will be the fifteenth film of the shonen franchise, but that does not prevent fans in the West from sharing their thoughts on the next film, now, although a central part of what this film will bring us film, is that they introduce us to the daughter of Shank in utathe “ultimate diva”but to be honest, he’s far from the strangest character to debut.

Since, although not much has been said about the subject, it will be a great change that we can see in this film, since it seems that the ship of Luffy and the Straw Hat Piratesthe thousand sunnyis being brought to life, and will become an active character.

You see, the thousand sunny It is not the first ship in which Luffy and his crew find themselves sailing through the course of the story of one piecebut, this will certainly be the first time that his ship comes to life, and while there are several details that remain mysterious when it comes to how Luffy’s ship, the ship that has been brought to life, will come to life appears to have the same head as the ship’s mast, making him look surprisingly like the reindeer doctor from the Straw Hat Pirates.

Now, according to twitter, the Outlet New World Artur account shared not only the look of the new version of thousand sunnybut also started the debate about whether this new character from One Piece: Redabout whether or not it’s a good idea and how your design compares with Tony Tony Chopper. and the others straw hats.

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