Fans create LEGO sets for PS5 and Xbox Series X, they could be reality

Fans create LEGO sets for PS5 and Xbox Series X, they could be reality

The lack of chips is a problem that will continue according to experts, and the companies that have launched the next generation consoles Sony Y Microsoft They are the ones who have been suffering the most from this.

Cases have arisen where some users, given this situation, make use of their imagination to have a PS5 or an Xbox Series X at home.

And it is that according to reports from Game Rant, the LEGO designer known as Brickinnick On twitter he has shared his new creation, which is neither more nor less than a detailed recreation of both consoles using LEGO pieces.

Through twitter he shared:

“It’s time to bring next-gen games to life with the LEGO PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X! With your help, these epic buildings could be turned into true LEGO sets.”

These consoles have a detailed interior in which we can see different LEGO figures recreating various elements that the designer skillfully provided us, where he also added the DualSense, as well as the control of Xbox series x with surprising fidelity.

Now, according to what is said, if it is shared and has the attention of PlayStation Y Xbox, It is rumored that both brands could come to have a collaboration.

Since, as we know LEGO is a brand that has had a close link with the world of video games for many years, and they have had several interesting collaborations, which, in fact, these representations are not the first consoles recreated by a designer specialized in LEGO.

To mention a few collaborations, some of the most recent and favorite are: the set of Luigi’s Mansion, the version of Green hill, from Sonic with SEGA.

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As well as has collaborated with many of the most important franchises in the film world, such as the long-awaited set of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which will launch in spring 2022.