Fans create a Switch-inspired PlayStation design #FanArt

Fans create a Switch-inspired PlayStation design #FanArt

Long ago, Sony announced that he wanted to be part of the laptop market, he did it with the PSP, and although everything indicated that as he did, this project would cause several headaches to Nintendo.

Well, time passed, and we all know that it was not like that and now some fans imagine what a new console of the company could be like, but inspired by the style of the Nintendo switch.

We know that Play Station Vita it was announced as quite promising hardware, but sadly in the end only managed to sell between 10 and 15 million units throughout its cycle, which caused Sony will withdraw from that market.

So I continue to focus all of your efforts on Playstation 4, a decision that was good if we rely on the results of the console at the time.

Even so, there are many followers of the company who would have liked that Sony continued in the portable market and imagine what a new console would have looked like, something that designers Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti they wanted to translate into a fabulous design that is the result of their imagination and teamwork.

We could say that, if a multiverse existed, as is fashionable, why not imagine one in which Sony Is it still making portable consoles? That is surely what these designers wondered when showing what would be a successor to the PS Vita, if they had continued to release more models, and that it would follow the example of the Nintendo hybrid.

In said images, this dummy hardware includes a wireless charging dock that makes the console slide horizontally, which would be different from the method of Switch and even lets you put your games on the TV screen.

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We regret that this PlayStation Portable 2022 is simply an idea, than surely many fans would like to see in reality, but being honest, it seems difficult to see something similar from Sony, at least not in the short term.