fans confused by deleted scenes in movie

fans confused by deleted scenes in movie

The most recent movie Marvel and produced by Sony, Morbiuspremiered last Thursday March 31st in Mexico and Latin America, is going through its first weekend in theaters, and so far the reception of the film has been good, without being a great box office success, but stable and with good possibilities, despite the fact that after many delays.

You see, in large part its delays were due to the pandemic, and later perhaps for last minute adjustments, the film has finally managed to reach theaters, with so many delays and date changes, the film has been harshly criticized, as it seems that these delays were due to extra time to polish things and bring something of better quality to theaters.

We are not saying this only because of the obvious changes that are felt during the film, but also, it seems to have undergone many changes and they become evident during its final installment, since there are several fans and critics who have commented on some of the images. that we anticipated in the first advances during the trailers of the film, and do not appear during the film that was delivered to theaters.

You will see, Morbius it had three trailers, but its final result is missing some very noticeable scenes, as well as huge changes in the final cut that suggest this story played out very differently, the main problem is that these scenes are important plot points, big action scenes and entire character arcs that have mysteriously disappeared.

SPOILER ALERT-> If you haven’t seen the movie, you should consider skipping reading what follows.

So, let’s take a look at what are the main changes that fans have noticed:

Spider-man, he’s a killer

There is a scene where there are signs of graffiti, where we can see Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man as a murderer, which was strange, but everything seems to indicate that the initial plans were that Tom Holland was going to replace Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in that universe while wearing the Tobey Maguire costume (sounds weird, right?), as the scene became a discarded cameo.

Adrian Toomes: less prominence than we expected

Adrian Toomes, the character that Michael Keaton played for Morbius, appears in all three trailers, and only in the last one do we have a scene from the film, but with a totally different dialogue, since it seems that Michael Morbius, at some point, was going to be transported in the back of a police van before crossing paths with Toomes.

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Michael Morbius: He Wasn’t Quite Gone

Michael rents a cargo ship and some mercenaries so that he and Martine Bancroft can perform their experiments on him in international waters, so after transforming into a vampire, he finishes off the mercenaries, then radios for help, to which the authorities conclude that Michael must have been there, but it seems that there were other plans.

Since in the scene between Michael and FBI agent Stroud, we learn that the scientist has been missing for two months and was not seen again until the cargo ship, well, it reached the coast of Long Island, so that Morbius’ origin story played out very differently in an earlier version of the film, and this might explain why the scene early on with the vampires feels completely out of place.

The conversation between Dr. Michael Morbius and Dr. Emil Nicholas

This exchange between two good friends, which appeared in all three trailers, doesn’t appear in the movie, meaning Nicholas still plays a key role in Morbius, but it’s mostly in Milo’s life, as he tries to guide him in the right direction, and he ultimately loses his life at the hands of that vampire.

Stroud, has his arm back

Another of the elements that does not appear in the final film is Stroud’s robotic arm, since in almost all his scenes, Tyrese keeps his hand in his pocket, and it is not until the end of Morbius that we see his cybernetic improvements, we they show Stroud as just a normal FBI agent and Tyrese isn’t given any of the superhero action that he joked about in some interviews.

The action packed scene in the forest

Everything indicated that the film was going to have a great scene in a forest and it was eliminated, but it is possible that this scene will end up in the extras of the film when it is released in physical format.

What is the origin of the Stroud scar?

Stroud has a conspicuous scar on his neck, but it is never explained, it was likely with vampires, when the FBI agent tells Michael that he is a hero here, it becomes clear that they once had a very different dynamic. Stroud suspects that Morbius might be the killer they’re looking for before hunting him down, this scene suggesting that he was actually among those encouraging Michael to be a hero instead of a villain, a plot thread that was missing from the final cut.