Fanini cosplays Chun-Li inspired by Street Fighter

Fanini cosplays Chun-Li inspired by Street Fighter

It is believed that we will soon see the announcement of Street Fighter 6 and we could see a new version of Chun Libut as we wait we decided to share one of the best Chun-Li cosplays that a Mexican cosplayer has done with that of Fanini.

Actually Fanini is a cosplayer with a lot of experience, since she has been in the hobby for more than six years and Chun-Li is one of the oldest characters she has played, since she has photos of him dating back to 2016. Still, no There is no doubt that over time he becomes a better cosplayer, as his most recent photographs confirm it.

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Although the first time she played Chun-Li was many years ago, Fanini later presented an alternate version of the fighter in the black suit. However, we had to wait until a couple of years ago for us to see her again in the classic Street Fighter costume.

In her post, Fanini says that Chun-Li is one of her favorites, in addition to saying that she had to return to a necessary food and exercise routine to achieve the incredible result that she boasts in her cosplay. In addition, the cosplayer says that Chun-Li is one of her inspirations in this aspect.

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We last saw cosplayer Fanini playing Chun-Li in an alternate version, wearing a costume we haven’t seen in the Street Fighter games and what appear to be calf protectors. This time the photos were taken by Dhiana San, who is in charge of Soul Project Mag on IG.

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In her time cosplaying, Fanini has played Chun-Li on multiple occasions, proving that she is one of her favorite characters. So far Fanini has submitted 3 different Chun-Li cosplays, so there is always a chance that he will submit another one in the future.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for the announcement of Street Fighter 6 from Capcom, in which we could see a new art style for their characters, which could inspire cosplayers to create new versions of Chun-Li for their cosplays. In the meantime, if you like Fanini’s work, I recommend that you follow him on his social networks.