fan gathers all the forms of Goku and his power

fan gathers all the forms of Goku and his power

Giving our usual tour of social networks, where we have found an interesting fan art work, which we believe could interest you; since, as you know, talking about fan art involves all the creativity and imagination of the artists, whether cartoonists or illustrators, who give us some of their best versions of some of our favorite characters on and off screen.

How do you know, it can be a character from video games, anime, movies, series, comics, manga or practically anything you can imagine; and this time, we have found an incredible fan art version of Gokuone of the favorite anime characters of all time, protagonist of dragon ball and now also of this great work.

His artist, apparently likes to keep his personality completely anonymous, we only know that he is a boy, who really likes him dragon ball and he is very creative when it comes to making his great illustrations; you can find him on twitter as @blz151101where it has almost 7 thousand followers and lots and lots of cool fan art about your favorite anime characters.

In his work, he shows us Gokuan illustration where we can observe all the phases of the warrior saiyan, gathered together with the dragon balls and surrounded by many waves of energy that radiate from their powerful versions and the color scheme he chose, seems to us to be a good decision for his style. We believe that the result has been simply incredible, that his work deserves to be known by all the followers of the great beloved franchise of dragon ball.

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We hope that this work of fan art has been to your liking, if so, let us know through our social networks, and please continue in eGames News.