Fan art shows us Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy, Square Enix

Fan art shows us Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy, Square Enix

When we talk about Final Fantasy 7, it is almost inevitable that, during said conversation, that the followers of the franchise waste the opportunity to talk about one of their favorite characters within said title.

Clearly we speak of the always dear Tifa Lockhart, who since her character became known, became one of the favorites, given her personality or perhaps because she is an expert in martial arts, although she is definitely a close relationship with Cloud, of whom the story tells us, are friends since childhood.

That is why they decide to join forces, convincing Cloud to join Avalanche and start an adventure.

Behind a whole sad story, where we see how Tifa Lockhart, manages to get ahead despite the hard tests and adversities that life put on him at a very young age, but like any hero, that only formed his insurmountable character and a woman who is willing to help to get to the bottom of everything.

Well, this time, we will show you a very interesting illustration about cattail, only in its exotic version, but first we will talk a little about its creator.

Via instagram, we found a girl who calls herself Axsens, who in his profile shows that he already has more than 88 thousand followers in said social network.

Now talking about this amazing illustration of our favorite girl from Final Fantasy 7, we look at one cattail confident, strong and very well dressed; with a high attention to the details of her wardrobe and an expression that reflects the beauty and impressive personality of our dear girl lockhart.

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She wears a short black short kimono which is full of gray and red details, long and wide sleeves below the elbows, also black shorts, wearing long black stockings that reach almost to the highest part of her thighs, black nails, nice long straight hair that is done up with red accents.

Without a doubt, it is a piece worthy of admiration, we hope that this illustration has been to your liking.