A futuristic knight adventure awaits us in Fallen Knight, which is already available at Xbox. This platform game developed by Fairplay studios and published by PQube It will allow us to become a descendant of the legendary Lancelot in a futuristic world.

On Fallen Knight We will have to face six enemies who have their own past, which will be interesting to discover. The game offers us a fast and challenging experience that will not hesitate to punish us for each of our mistakes, although it will also reward us very well for each of our victories.

Fallen Knight is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Fallen Knight It has a blocking and disarmament system that will help us a lot when fighting, since being a knight of the round table, the choice to kill should always be our last resort, that is why we will have to disarm our enemies and block what better than we can each one of his attacks to be able to level up.

We will face fascinating final bosses who will fight at all costs to steal valuable information that we have sworn to defend with our lives. Each of these final bosses will have their own puzzle, which will be increasingly challenging.

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Maintaining the impeccable reputation of the knights of the round table and living up to it will not be an easy task, especially if the outcome of the story is in our hands. Fallen Knight It has different endings that will make their way depending on the way we decide to play. We can defeat our enemies or take the path of mercy and honor that characterizes a good knight. The decision is ours, as is our future.

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You can find Fallen Knight available in the Microsoft Store At a price of € 10.79 with a 10% discount for the next 7 days.