The premiere of the new season reaches the markets and the abundance of seasonal products invites us to fill the shopping cart of products with autumn flavor.

We slowly say goodbye to salads, gazpachos and other cold dishes, to make room for creams, roasts and other dishes with typical foods of these dates. Welcome to ours weekly menu recipes with pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts and much more.


  • Meal: Baked sweet potato and chanterelles with fleur de sel and rosemary with barley
  • Dinner: fennel salad, Rocha pear and goat cheese

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  • Meal: Pomegranate, quince and pecorino salad and salmon skewers marinated in soy and sesame oil
  • Dinner: zucchini spirals with sesame vinaigrette


  • Meal: lentil salad with caramelized vegetables and orange and homemade chicken and mushroom patty
  • Dinner: eggs in cocotte
roasted sweet potato

Roasted sweet potato


  • Meal: penne all’arrabbiatta and baked snapper on a bed of potatoes
  • Dinner: Banana, pumpkin and eggplant curry


  • Meal: chestnut cream and bacon and blue cheese tart with a potato base
  • Dinner: Montecristo sandwich


  • Meal: assorted appetizers and boletus lasagna as a unique dish
  • Dinner: Eggs Stuffed With Tuna
Montecristo sandwich

Montecristo sandwich


  • Meal: tandoori masala chicken cauliflower tabouleh
  • Dinner: nonfat stewed vegetables

Appetizers and snacks

  1. Mushroom and walnut pate
  2. Cambas al ajillo a la hawaiiana
  3. Mushrooms to feira

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

  • Homemade low sugar muffins
  • Easy semi-whole banana cake with peanuts
  • Traditional homemade tiramisu
  • Oatmeal, hazelnut and apple cake
  • Chulas of pumpkin or calacú
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Fall-flavored recipes on the weekly menu for October 4

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Fall-flavored recipes on the weekly menu for October 4