Fall-flavored recipes on the weekly menu for November 8

Fall-flavored recipes on the weekly menu for November 8

Now, yes, we can say that autumn has arrived, with its freshness, its rain and its appetizing dishes. We take advantage of the plant richness of this season to prepare very autumnal recipes with which to satisfy the desire for spooning, baking and restorative and comforting dishes.

Soups, roasts, stews and much more star our weekly menu. The solution for lunches and dinners for the next seven days, in which we also include suggestions for aperitifs, breakfasts, snacks and, of course, a sweet treat. Enjoy!




Chestnut cream




Polenta pizzas with mushrooms

Polenta pizzas with mushrooms


Appetizers and snacks

  1. Murcian baked octopus
  2. Polenta pizzas with mushrooms
  3. Garlic cockles

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

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