Fake Nintendo site to scam fans when buying Switch

Fake Nintendo site to scam fans when buying Switch

It is evident that the hybrid console of Nintendo, the switch, continues to have an incredible popularity, which does not seem to end, quite the contrary, every day the number of users who want to get a copy is increasing.

And it was something to be expected, especially if we take into account the whole question of lack of chips for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This popularity of Nintendo, is increasingly clear, since, since its launch, a great future was seen ahead, its success has not stopped.

Well, the problem is not that it is really successful, but rather, with it has already happened more than once, with such success come copies, and unscrupulous people look for a way to get their share of said good business.

So much so, that alerts have been raised by the same Nintendo, as some subjects want to take advantage of this to cheat players and make profits at the expense of the company and its community of fans.

Nintendo, issued a statement to warn about scams and fake sites that offer their products, that’s right, it’s all a set-up, because these criminals have their sights set on users of switch and your personal data.

The company warned about fraud attempts and recommended its customers to purchase products only through official means.

And it is his own Nintendo explained this morning that it has just confirmed the existence of at least one false portal that masquerades as its official site, given this, the company clarified that said page has nothing to do with them, so it alerted the entire community about its use.

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This site offers Switch units at a very low price, and buyers can be victims of fraud if they provide their personal and banking information to this portal, so Nintendo recommended not to fall for and avoid any type of attractive offer related to switch and their games.

The problem is that the fake portal illegally uses the company’s logos and switch, so apparently it’s very well built for unsuspecting players to fall for. as you imagine, Nintendo He will not sit idly by, as he will investigate the situation until he finds those responsible.

Added to this, he commented that he will notify the police and the relevant authorities about all the fake sites that he discovers. Through his post, he also shared his official site for Japan and the links to both Local Consumer Agency and to the police headquarters in charge of cybercrime.

So far, it is not known if the fake site has already generated victims, it only remains to be aware and take all precautions, since we will have to wait to learn more about this case. And although apparently this affects only Japan, we could not guarantee that it does not happen worldwide. So we recommend you take all possible precautions.

“Caution, we have confirmed the existence of a fake website posing as Nintendo’s home page. Be careful not to confuse it with our website and buy products from fake websites,” the company commented.