Product counterfeits are a really big intellectual property problem. Every day, unauthorized replicas of products of all kinds are manufactured, from luxury goods to technological devices. Y with quality standards that are usually much lower of those with the original manufacturers.

Apple’s AirPods Pro

AirPods are one of those products, and the truth is that there are not few forgeries that are created from these. It is not difficult to find models with apparently similar design and functionality on the internet. And as you can imagine, at absolutely unbeatable prices for technology companies.

According to a report by the US Customs and Border Protection, shared by The Information, the losses that these counterfeits represent for Apple are estimated at over 3,200 million dollars, globally. A figure that seems to keep increasing.

To estimate this figure, they have started from their own data, which indicates that, since October, and only in the United States, fake AirPods have been confiscated worth over $ 62 million. This would be just 2.5% of the global total, according to the US Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

Apple AirPods Pro
The AirPods Pro

Of course, these figures must be taken with a grain of salt. In the end, they are estimates upon estimates, and the precision of these may not be particularly high. However, they also represent a problem, and not only for companies, but also for users. And it is that, in many cases, these they don’t have such strict security controls.

Thus, not only users may encounter a very different experience than expected. The use of counterfeits, at least on electronic devices like these, could lead to significant security concerns. And the truth is that it is not worth risking.

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