Facebook will distribute 1 billion among content creators

Facebook will distribute 1 billion among content creators

Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday that Facebook will distribute billion dollars until 2022 among the best content creators for their social networks Facebook and Instagram. With this move, the company seeks to face other platforms such as TikTok by attracting influencers to its platform.

“We want to build the best platforms for millions of creators to earn a living, which is why we are creating new programs to invest more than a billion dollars to reward creators for the great content they create on Facebook and Instagram until 2022.” said the CEO of Facebook in a post.

Zuckerberg added that they have been “investing” in content creators for a long time, however now they are expanding their work. The bonus program will kick off this summer with benefits for Instagram Reels content creators in the United States.

The strategy to attract influencers will continue with the launch of a dedicated space on Facebook and Instagram. In it, users will be able to see what are the available bonuses that they can earn. To do this, they must create content that achieves certain objectives although, for the moment, it is unknown what they would be.

Of course, for now the program to attract influencers it will work by invitation only. Creators who select you will receive a notification in their profiles to access the new creators panel.

Facebook wants to attract creators

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

The truth is that the days when Facebook and Instagram had to worry little about competition are long gone. Actors like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok are attracting large numbers of users to their platforms and clearly Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want that kind of migration.

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Content is precisely one of the pillars of social networks and one way to attract talented users is by paying them. In that sense, in June Facebook said that will not cut Instagram creators’ revenue from events, subscriptions, and badges through at least 2023.

“People look to creators for recommendations on what is good, especially in places where they are experts,” Zuckerberg acknowledged in the past. Now it only remains to wait to see if this strategy will take effect.