Following the wave of conflict and criticism it has faced recently, Facebook announced the implementation of new policies to protect users from online bullying and harassment.

In a post attributed to the social network’s head of security, Antigone Davis, the company said it will eliminate mass coordinated harassment campaigns targeting people most at risk of harm offline. It will do so even if the content that people normally post does not violate its security guidelines.

What’s more, Facebook will remove harmful content in whatever form it takes, be it direct messages, comments or posts.. As part of the same policy, the company will eliminate state-linked networks that work to silence and harass people.

If the above policy had been in effect in the past, one situation in which Facebook could have enforced it was when Taylor Swift’s Instagram account was bombarded with snake emojis, following the breakdown of her relationship with electronic producer Calvin Harris. .

In the realm of celebrities, Facebook has also implemented new forms of protection to keep public figures safe from digital sexual harassment and appearance marking., either for the purposes of criticism, discrimination or sexualization.

To that end, the platform plans remove profiles, pages and groups dedicated to sexualizing public figures. It will also focus on “severe sexualizing content,” including images and drawings, whether original or edited.

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“We made these changes because attacks like these can turn the appearance of a public figure into a weapon, which is unnecessary and often unrelated to the job these people represent,” the company said in its post.

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Facebook will also provide additional protection for people who become famous inadvertently, such as journalists, human rights activists and representatives of the LGBT community, to name a few examples.