Virtual reality continues to develop and there is no doubt that it is a technology for the future. Facebook He’s deep in the industry with Oculus, his VR division, and we may have news of new hardware soon. A leak from Oculus’ own website has left us new videos of virtual reality glasses that may be the Oculus Pro.

Facebook has long been dropping that it works at a version Pro of the Oculus Quest, although various statements from the company indicated that we would not see them in 2021. That said, plans may have changed, because new videos show new glasses. These shorts were first spotted on Reddit and can still be downloaded from the Oculus website (we’ve checked, actually).

The Reddit moderators took down those videos, but it was not long before shared in other ways, as you can see in the tweets that we leave you. In them we can see glasses that do not correspond to any official Oculus model. On October 28, Facebook will hold the Connect event, an annual conference in which virtual reality devices usually present.

Therefore, it is quite likely that let’s get out of doubt this week on the existence or not of the Pro version, but it is not ruled out that they are not presented now. By the way, the youtuber and programmer @ Basti564 has discovered that these glasses are likely to allow full recognition of the body movement, but for this you will need a mirror (the first video looks like an advertisement for that).

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