F1 tests the ‘pedal cam’: this is how the pedals of a single-seater are activated

F1 tests the ‘pedal cam’: this is how the pedals of a single-seater are activated

With the intention of going one step further in bringing closer the experience that the driver lives in the single-seater every time he goes out on the track, Formula 1 has placed a new camera in a single-seater, this time on the pedals.

In recent years, Formula 1 has gone from being a practically closed category of motorsport to the exhibition of its interiors in audiovisual format to start exploring areas that, until now, seemed intractable.

Opening up the sport to fans in this sense began to become a reality when Liberty Media inherited the throne that Bernie Ecclestone had hoarded for years, refusing to release artwork without a checkout until then.

exhibits in several of the main cities of the planet were the starting point of an event that moves the masses beyond social networks, thus turning the direction taken by the previous directive in a clear attempt to bring Formula 1 to expand your horizons like never before.

‘pedal cam’

After fans of the premier class of motorsports were spellbound by the ‘helmetcam’the camera in the helmet that we had previously seen on some sporadic occasion and that today up to 10 riders on the grid mount, with its future mandatory from 2023 for all, now comes the ‘Pedal cam’.

It’s nothing new: It’s time to go back to the year 2000but Peter of the Rose, on his Arrows, was the last driver to carry such a camera, at the Belgian GP, ​​officially in coalition with F1, to offer this point of view. Ukyo Katayama even did it before when, in 1993, riding his Tyrrell at the Japanese GP, he did a similar experiment.

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Although Pierre Gasly tested something similar in Misano with AlphaTauri, the idea of ​​Formula 1 is that all drivers carry a camera like the one tested by Lando Norris once the technology is perfected. “This is another of the innovations that we have introduced in our broadcasts for bring fans closer to the action», confessed Dean Locke, director of broadcasts and media for F1.

“During a race, Formula 1 drivers complete all a series of complex tasks simultaneously at speeds that can exceed 300 km/hand this camera angle, along with innovations like the viewfinder camera, will help our fans understand the challenges of being in the cockpit», he added.

“Having this device in the car of Lando, on his home runIt is something that makes us very excited. We hope his fans, along with everyone at Silverstone, will enjoy this unique sight this weekend.”