F1 2022, the title that wants to add more fans of the Czech

F1 2022, the title that wants to add more fans of the Czech

Grateful new fans

The title is the exact way to enter the sport for the first time, to know the secrets and everything behind it. From beginning to experience the setups of a car, the aerodynamics, understanding the components, and in general each of the details that make it stand out, that although Formula 1 is a simple sport in general, in reality it is extremely complex and full of of details.

In addition, it also includes a Virtual Reality version, only for PC, which allows you to get inside the cockpit of the car and drive the circuits in the most realistic way possible. While it’s a great control experience, those who have VR and a steering wheel end up with a game that’s practically a simulator.

One of the important additions to the game is super car racing with the Pirelli Hot Laps, with speed challenges or drifting with the highest range: Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, etc. And even drive the safety of medical cars.

Another nod to entering the world of F1 is the inclusion of the F1 Life section. A kind of house where your player lives, wins prizes, keeps their cars and where you can make outfit modifications.

This world carries with it a series of micro transactions, from the season pass, to the purchase of accessories from the sponsoring brands of the teams.

Is F1 2022 worth it?

The bet of this game is ambitious, to maintain the taste of the fans of yesteryear and conquer the new ones. New tracks, new cars, and even the videos we see before each real-life race are in the game.

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We will see how capable it is of keeping players hooked throughout the year. Since the main current headache is to improve the gameplay in online modes and this is where there is the highest retention in monthly active users.

Online games are riddled with crashes, penalties, dirty players, disconnections, and various etceteras that can even become frustrating, limiting the number of gamers who prefer online over local games. Of course, something that is still appreciated is being able to play in split screen or have a season with two players locally.