Extortion, the other epidemic in Mexico

Extortion, the other epidemic in Mexico

Intentional homicides have served to measure the level of violence in Mexico, but there is another crime that the authorities themselves recognize has been growing both nationally and in CDMX: extortion or the so-called “floor payment”.

According to official data and provided by the security expert, Francisco Rivas, in the first five months of the year extortion grew almost 28% against the same period last year, while from January to May of this 2022 it had the highest rate of victims since records are available. However, this crime is one of those with the highest black figure.

According to analysts, this crime is present in many sectors and economic areas of the country and already affects the most vulnerable people, since criminal groups control the prices of products of the basic basket or energy such as gas.

Last week, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized that extortion is a crime that still cannot be stopped.

“What is growing the most is the extortion of the crimes that exist and we are working on that, domination of markets and there are murders for that, and work is being done,” he said.