Explanation to the post-credits scene

Explanation to the post-credits scene

Those responsible for Moon Knight reveal details of the surprising post-credits scene of the Disney Plus series.

Attention SPOILERS. As usual in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universethe Serie moon knight It has a post-credits scene. In it we can see how Khonshū was always allied with the third personality of Marc SpectorOscar Isaac that it’s called Jake Lockley. During the program we have seen how sometimes this personality took control of the body and carried out the greatest killings. For this reason, in this last scene we see how he shoots Arthur Harrow as Ethan Hawke.

Moon Knight’s cinematographer, Gregory Middletonexplained how they filmed so that only Jake Lockley would be seen at the very end:

“When we did the shot in the bingo hall, when Jake walks in, we shot it so you almost see him, but then you don’t. Then his hands enter. Even his hand gestures are a bit sinister, and as he leaves, we push the camera through the glass. You can’t see it at all, everything is deliberately stretched. If you were worried or waiting for Jake, hopefully, you’ll be cheering and hitting all the time.”

oscar isaac he even added his own style to that part of Moon Knight: “I saw an opportunity to bring something of myself that is not just trying to service an idea that was in the comics. The idea of: You are only going to have the only line you speak, it must be in Spanish. There’s something that’s sinister about him, the kind of control that he has in front of, you know, both Marc and Steven who have been so off their feet. It feels like it’s a really fun opportunity to let instinct, having played these two guys, figure out what else could be there and the thrill of shooting that scene.”

Mohammed Diab wants the character to have more opportunities.

“I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with the third completely different character with a completely different background.” Said Mohammed Diab director of Moon Knight.

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The producer Sarah Goher described how scary Jake is: “The moment Oscar Isaac comes out as Jake, it’s scary. But he is such a classy Jake. It’s like if you met him, you’d be like: Wow, so you’re Jake Lockley, in a way that you’re in love and scared at the same time. Oscar just knows how to bring out the most amazing things and helps create a character that is so real and so palpable. Wherever he leads Jake, we will all follow.”

Head writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater said: “The second time you watch the Moon Knight series, everything falls into place perfectly. Hopefully, you realize that some of these mysteries were right in front of your eyes the whole time. That was always the goal and the ambition.”

The first season of moon knight can be fully enjoyed the Disney Plus streaming platform.