Exoprimal, a new cooperative IP from Capcom, announced during State of Play

Exoprimal, a new cooperative IP from Capcom, announced during State of Play

It is one of the great novelties of the event.

With the State of Play of March 9 already started we are starting to see the first announcements that PlayStation has prepared for the coming monthsthereby giving rise to Exoprimal has opened the emission of the eventthis being a new title that is being developed by Capcom.

It must be said that at the time of writing this news very few details we know , since the trailer shown (and that you can see below these lines) has not come to detail too much beyond its gameplay. However, what we can say is that it will be a multiplayer game with online mode for which it will be necessary to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

All this said, Exoprimal has been announced as a new IP from Capcom that will come to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, showing the cinematic trailer a gameplay that shows that this title, as with others such as Anthem, Destiny and others we will have to play cooperativelywith the only difference that we will have to face a large number of dinosaurs.

Also, it has been found that the game is set in 2043in the same way that players will be able to use different armor and fuses to be able to fight against these hordes of dinosaurs, which have been seen from all kinds of different species from the Jurassic.

For the rest, it will have to be seen that Capcom ends up surprising us in the future in the same way that we will have to wait to continue seeing informationsince with an exit that is scheduled for some time in 2023, the truth is that there’s plenty of time to keep selling the game image. That said, remember that Exoprimal will be released for all current PlayStation consoles, Xbox and PC.

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