After the presentation of the new Huawei P50 and as we are accustomed to Huawei, it is time for the Lite version focused on the mid-range. On this occasion, from MovilZona we let you know exclusively its existence and some details that will make you wonder if it will be worth buying or not.

There are many changes that Huawei is integrating in the brand, in its terminals and in the selection of the markets where it will deliver each model. Therefore, it is key to even know that this Huawei P50 Lite approaches Spain, while we continue to know nothing about Huawei’s high-end range and its arrival in our country.

The instruction manual confirms it

This time the leak comes from the hand of a user from the MovilZona community, who has let us know through a tweet of the existence of the Huawei P50 Lite. Abel Gómez has been the one who has come across within the Huawei website with the manual already available for download and consultation, giving us access to the first details with a quick search.

Unfortunately, there are no key specifications on the smartphone, but Huawei itself would be confirming in Spain that this P50 Lite will be in our market. The manual keeps great relations with those of other devices and that does not allow us to know the changes of the new Huawei mid-range, but it does correspond to the NEN-LX1 model.

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Last year the Huawei P40 Lite was seen in three different versions, Huawei P40 Lite, P40 Lite 5G and P40 Lite E. For now, the information obtained does not let us know anything more about possible versions.

The first disappointment: nothing from HarmonyOS

If you were waiting, like us and many other users, to be able to enjoy HarmonyOS in this future model, it seems that you are waiting for it and that the doubts will continue on the same path marked so far. The leaked instruction manual lets us see that EMUI 11.0.1_01 It is the version that this smartphone will bring as standard.

This, however, does not assume that it will be the version that we always have and as we saw in Russia, the natural leap that this model could take would be to EMUI 12. What seems more difficult is that the update is going to be carried out at HarmonyOS, given that for the moment the operating system has not left the Asian continent and that as we see, not even the new models arrive prepared for the future of Huawei.

We will have to wait to know the rest of the details on a smartphone that is called upon to make people talk, although desirably it will do so without the Google applications once again.