In an exclusive interview with SMASH, filmmaker James Gunn tells us how he built his version of The Suicide Squad, DC Comics’ most anticipated film of 2021

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and that was demonstrated by filmmaker James Gunn, who overcame one of the most difficult moments of his life to focus on making the masterpiece of his filmography, The Suicide Squad, inspired by the team. of DC Comics villains.

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In an exclusive interview with SMASH and DC Comics México, James Gunn explained his influences to write and direct The Suicide Squad, as well as if he considers his work to be the beginning of a new era for superhero cinema.

SMASH: Which writers are the most influential in this Suicide Squad movie?

[EXCLUSIVA]  This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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James Gunn: Definitely John Ostrander, who did the original Suicide Squad, and plays Doctor Fitzgibbon at the beginning of the movie. He was the writer who created this kind of secret supervillains doing covert operations, because their lives mean nothing, and that’s the main reason I took from him, I tried to feel the premise.

In many ways, I think of the movie as a continuation of the stories that began in the late 80’s. Some of the characters are different but the premise is the same.

[EXCLUSIVA]  This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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But I also did Adam Glass work on the Suicide Squad New 52 race which I really liked, and it reminded me how much I love the Suicide Squad, and it made me think “OMG, this is before doing Guardians (of the Galaxy). , for Marvel Studios), I would love to make Suicide Squad like a movie. “

This was in 2010 or something like that, and I was like “that’s perfect to do in a movie, because that never happened, and (I thought) how could I make Suicide Squad turn into a movie,” that was long after I accepted the offer of the Guardians.

David (Yesterday), of course, is doing Suicide Squad, that was the first time, I was at Marvel, and there was a DC project that came up, and I was like “AAAAAAARGH! I would have loved to do Suicide Squad ”, it’s like the thing you dreamed of, the movies you can do.

SMASH: James Gunn ushered in a new era in DC Comics?

[EXCLUSIVA] This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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James Gunn: It is a question? (laughs) Maybe, but one of the things that I find in my films is difficult to replicate, what I do is what I like to do. Even in (the series) Peacemaker, which is 8 episodes on television, I found it very difficult. Directors come and replicate the feeling that what I do

I really care what project I have in front of me, and doing my best. I love DC, I love adding to their story, I hope to give them something good, there are great people there, but I really just care about making Suicide Squad a great action adventure movie, the best movie possible, that is what I care about.

SMASH: How was the experience of working with Joaquín Cosio?

[EXCLUSIVA]  This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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James Gunn: Joaquín is my favorite boy in the world… I never met Joaquín (before), I wrote that role for Joaquín, because I saw him on a program, Narcos, I love his character in Narcos (Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo), it was very funny.

I’m going to say this, because the guy who produces Narcos is my friend, Eric Newman; I’ll take that character, put him in Corto Maltes, and he’ll fight these superheroes.

[EXCLUSIVA] This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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I love Joaquín, he auditioned for the role I wrote (Mateo Suárez), the audition was great, I wrote to my friend, Eric Newman, I always do the background with these guys, I don’t want to start with idiots, that happened before, and how much I hate it.

I wrote (to Eric Newman), I told him that (Joaquín) is my favorite person in the world, and he is one of my favorite people that I met in this movie, so happy, so different from the kind of scum that was the ‘Cochiloco’ ( in the movie Hell), but I love him, he was great.

[EXCLUSIVA]  This is how James Gunn built the Suicide Squad
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SMASH: There will be in the future a Gotham City Sirens movie written and directed by James Gunn?

James Gunn: It’s weird, that’s a project a lot of people are focused on, I guess because it’s (a) Harley movie, but it’s not something on my radar right now..

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 5, 2021.

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Source: Gabriel Torres / SMASH

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