The storytelling is a set of strategies that help you execute the tools in traditional and digital marketing, in order to communicate your brand in the middle of a challenging commercial context.

The storytelling proposal is simple, since it is about understanding what to communicate and how to do it. When you are very clear about the answers to these two questions, the work becomes easier and you can build a message that is proof of errors and with all kinds of results. Once these elements are perfectly identified, it is time to develop the machinery that will help you successfully communicate your brand and make the most of the resources you have in hand.

The Management Program – Storytelling 2021 starts this September 24 and reminds us that stories usually generate better emotional connections and this power can be used as one of the main resources, to sell products or services that will project your brand.

Among the objectives of the course are:

– Have a comprehensive and systemic vision and the role that storytelling assumes in the current competitive environment.

– Generate the desire to buy in consumers through stories.

– Reflect the value of your brand through a story.

– Development of necessary tools to structure a story.

– Know how to tell stories that impact your consumer.

– Lead your creative team showing the guidelines and strengths of a story.

– Establish the correct budget that you should allocate to a storytelling strategy.


What do we understand by storytelling?

Why do stories convince us more than data?

How to use the tools of the narrative?

Audience Who will listen to you?

How to prepare stories that catch us? What do you want to tell?

Essential elements that a brand’s storytelling must have

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