Wonder is a movie that all parents should watch with their children

There is a cinema that should be compulsory at home, in schools and at work, and that Wonder is one of those films that we should all keep safe.

Its premiere was months ago. Of education, of values, of friendship, of love, of frustrations, of the good, of the bad, of the worst, but above all of overcoming.

It is for you to see and discover with your children, it is one of the most necessary films for parents and for children as children. It is a lesson, many life lessons.

Wonder. It is a film that shows the sacrifices, the fight, the victories and the defeats. That teaches what and how true friends are. That shows real suffering, not that of small things, but that of really important things. And, above all and above all, what is true love.

It is such a lesson in humanity, solidarity and love that it should be part of some subject, it should serve to educate and it should serve so that we all learn that we are parents and that they are our children.