EU-Mexico dialogue, semiconductor production is key

EU-Mexico dialogue, semiconductor production is key

“There is a lot of interest from both parties to really strengthen these productive chains between the two countries, the resilience of these chains between the two countries and we have already defined the procedures and who are the actors with whom we are going to work,” he explained. .

Semiconductors is the first of several strategic sectors in which the two business partners will work. “We are waiting for the United States to select a strategic sector and we are also preparing, from each side, a list of critical sectors that we are going to work on in this working group on supply chains,” said Duhem.

He added that Mexico and the US work together with the private sector and academia to identify the needs that exist on both sides of the Rio Grande.

In addition to identifying sectors, the official highlighted, it seeks to promote the inclusion of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in production chains.


It also works, together with the academy and the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), in the development of educational programs that strengthen and develop programs that strengthen capacities along the production chains.

In this sense, an agreement is about to be signed so that students from the last Conalep semesters carry out dual internships in US companies with a presence in Mexico, said Lydia Antonio de la Garza, general director of Monitoring and Compliance with International Treaties.

It will also seek to advance, with the United States, to certify certain skills. “It is important to match the level of training and to be able to have and offer the great workforce and the great young Mexican force for the US market,” he said.

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The official recalled that on October 25 a virtual environmental forum was held, in which solid waste and water treatment practices were shared.

Inclusive recovery

The Ministry of Economy has worked to promote MSMEs, through various digital platforms that help them improve and make their processes more efficient, it also seeks to include women, youth, indigenous people and members of the LGBTQI + community in accessing opportunities.

“We are going to continue promoting common actions that promote the participation of MSMEs in regional and global production chains. There will be focused efforts in the case of the United States, but this mechanism that we already have will allow us to be more efficient to place Mexican products from people from underrepresented communities in regional value chains, ”said Ana Bárbara Mungaray, head of the Productive Development Unit of the SE.

Mungaray called for MSMEs to take advantage of the many free trade agreements that Mexico has.

Information technology and management

The office for the implementation of the T-MEC in the United States, headed by César Remis, works on four pillars “in a permanent dialogue with the private sector,” he said.