Epic Games offers a solution to review bombing

Epic Games offers a solution to review bombing

Over the last few years, the topic of review bombing has been a pretty controversial topic on sites like Metacritic and Steam. With the ability to finally rate a game on the Epic Games Store, those responsible for Fortnite have implemented a measure that plans to reduce the appearance of comments that are not a reflection of the quality of the game.

Recently, the Epic Games Store introduced a new rating system, with which users can give a title up to five stars, answer a series of questions about the experience, and write their opinion about it. The interesting thing is that no one has access to this by default. Instead, the store selects users in a random way, as long as they have more than two hours with a game. This was what was said about it:

“Because these requests are random, we won’t spam our players and probably won’t ask about every game or app used. This approach protects games from review blitz and ensures that the people assigning scores are actual gamers of the titles.”

By restricting the use of ratings, and only giving access to certain users on a random basis, Epic Games hopes the infamous review bombing will be removed from its platformand the overall rating a game receives is an accurate reflection of its quality.

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