epic fight The Saint and Demogorgon

epic fight The Saint and Demogorgon

An interesting collaboration, that to be honest nobody saw coming, Stranger Things and Doritos, have given us a great new Lucha Libre commercial in which we can see El Santo vs Demogorgon, and we realize that things within Stranger Things have much still to show, because they have created something very original at every step.

You see, Doritos released a new commercial that takes place in the city of stranger thingsHawkins in Indiana, specifically at the Hawkins Coliseum, and features wrestling legend, The Son of the Saint in the ring, and that as he prepares to begin one more triumphant fight his opponent in front of a large crowd is devoured by a strange black hole that comes out of the ground.

So, from that corner of the canvas, Demogorgon walks out of the portal towards Upside Down and takes his place, so an epic battle has begun, as El Santo stays in the ring to fight the beast as the crowd runs out of the arena, dodging a blow from his claws and then knocks the creature down with a dropkick, though the poor videographer doesn’t fare so well, getting devoured whole.

To which after the demogorgon he spits out the camera and his shoe, the lights flash and the beast flanks him and attacks, slashing his back with its claws, then knocks El Santo out of the ring and knocks him to the ground and seeks to eat him too, but then El Santo notices that the mariachi band stayed in the sand and is hiding.

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He nods and they start playing, stunning the Demogorgon enough for El Santo to knock him back into the portal, after a celebration, El Santo also jumps into the portal, and somehow all of that was in an ad for Flamin’ Hot Doritos.

That is to say, not a single totopo appears in this ad, but they have really convinced us, it was incredible, and it is also interesting to point out as an additional fact that El Santo is prohibited in the Arena Coliseo where the commercial was filmed, and was prohibited when he left CMLL, who owns the arena, but it seems CMLL didn’t know he would be involved in the commercial until after it was filmed.

El Hijo del Santo has had stellar careers in AAA and CMLL over the years, including a classic match at AAA’s When Worlds Collide, when he teamed with Octagon to defeat Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero, and will also participate in Kobe World 2022 and Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival in July as part of the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Ultimo Dragon, a whole career.