Enjoy the 7 most listened to songs of the month of June with Misik

Enjoy the 7 most listened to songs of the month of June with Misik

Music streaming platforms have become an important part of the daily lives of millions of people, since these, together with video entertainment platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, have become one of the main consumer trends post-pandemic, while apps like: Amazon Music, Prime Music, Google Play Music, Napster or Spotify are the favorites among the music lover community.

The importance of music streaming appshave increased in recent years, this is largely due to the fact that for a prepaid fee, users can access a catalog of millions of songs, in addition to exclusive content, podcast and offline playback, a reason that has led Spotify to be one of the platforms

spotify account with more users, since according to what is indicated by the same app, it has just over 183 million users within its premium section, to register a total monthly user base of just over 418 million, compared to 70 million registered on Amazon Music.

Enjoy the 7 most listened to songs of the month of June with Misik

According to what is indicated by the leading music streaming platform, these are the seven most listened to songs during the month of June, which are dominated by urban rhythms and haggled, genres that you can enjoy with the help of the bluetooth speaker, with SD card player, USB and Misik auxiliary.

  • I congratulate you from Shakira and Raw Alejandro.
  • MAMIII by Becky G and Karol G.
  • The Bachata of Manuel Turizo.
  • Ultra solo Remix by Polima Westcoast, Pailita, Paloma Mami, Feid, De la Ghetto.
  • Títí Ask Me by Bad Bunny.
  • The 12 of Ana Mena and Belinda.
  • It rains from Wisin and Yandel, Sech and Jhay Cortes.
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The trends in music of each generation define a large part of its characteristics; For this reason, it is important to know which are the genres and artists that dominate the taste of users in order to anticipate trends and learn about society from their entertainment.

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