For many, the discussion regarding addressing stories from our region has been viewed with suspicion, as happened with “Coco” and the theme of Día de Muertos in Mexico, but for the actress this vision may not be the only one.

“I feel that Disney is not making a representation of each country as such, it is more a tribute to our nations, because exposing who we are at a cultural level is so deep and delicate that I believe that one cannot say or judge that it is or is not the representation of a country ”, reflected Carolina.

The search for Mirabel Madrigal could be seen in how we enter adolescence with all the questions that that entails.

“It is a tribute to our music, fauna and flora, color, our people, the way we speak and above all how familiar we are, because you see how important the family is in Latin America”, Commented the actress regarding this Disney work, reflecting these aspects of Colombia.

When we realize that we are family and we know that we can do it together, we are stronger

“Encanto” also has a very feminine tone, the role of women and their search is reflected from the beginning of the story of a family displaced by an armed movement in the region where the grandparents of this story live, so the matriarchy and power of the grandmother in this story are a lynchpin of the plot.

Mirabel is looking for her gift and it is a way of showing that the search can be a path and that not everything has to be so clear from the beginning. In this story we can feel real women, who feel, who do not understand that having control is not the purpose of their life, there are no princesses or victims, only women, “he said.

The premiere of Encanto is on November 25 on screens throughout Mexico

Carolina Gaitán is a renowned Colombian actress, who presented this November the series “Malayerba” for the Starz platform, in addition to important participations in melodramas such as “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “Narcos”, “Mujeres Asesinas”, among many other productions.

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