empty chair in the illuminati

empty chair in the illuminati

The movie of Marvel, Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madnesscontinues on movie billboards, and in it, we were able to meet the illuminatiwho finally entered the live-action movies, showing for a brief moment what this union of heroes who have become the guide and seek order within the universe is about, and all this happened in Earth-838.

Now, as can be seen in the film, there seemed to be an additional chair available at the secret group’s headquarters, which has made fans of Marvel create a large number of theories about who could be occupying that place, and they speculated about who it could be for, and since Strange Supremethe version of that dimension of benedict cumberbatchat the time, according to the rest of the group, was once part of the illuminati before being killed by black-bolt the character of Anson Mountso that made us think that that spot was left open for him, whereas most are of the opinion that it was left for a character who hasn’t been introduced yet.

On this, the writer of Doc Strange 2, michael waldron has been kept busy at a post-launch press tour where he was recently asked who the chair belongs to, and unsurprisingly, the writer could neither confirm nor deny the legitimate character the seat belonged to: “That’s also an unanswered question, but we talk about it a lot.”said Waldron to The Hollywood Reporter. “Maybe it was just a mistake. Maybe the guy [decorador] of the set had too many chairs. (laughs)”. And, when she was asked if he and Marvel Studios knew the answer, or if it was just left open, Waldron replied that it was “a little of both”.

On the other hand, the writer once confirmed that he and Marvel had discussed the introduction of namor in the film, since the character is part of the Illuminati in the source material, which he is eventually supposed to join, but the studio nonetheless chose not to include the beloved Atlantean in the version featured in the film. “[Nosotros] we talk about him, because he is certainly an original member of the Illuminati,” revealed the writer of Loki. “But I think Marvel has other plans for him in the MCU. And that’s why he didn’t make his way into this particular movie.”

And it is that, according to current rumors, they suggest that the character is being played by Tenoch Huerta and will eventually debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the end of this year, but this is not yet an official figure from Marvel Studios.

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