Like it or not Elon musk He is not only the most millionaire man in the world, at the moment, but one of the greatest visionaries of today. He and everything his companies do, including Tesla, Spacex, Boring Company or Neuralink they do not leave anyone indifferent.

That is why his predictions for 2022 are particularly interesting. He made them during the CODE Conference, in an interview with Kara swisher, at the end of September last year. Among other things, he explained how cryptocurrencies, hard drugs and humanoid robots will begin to have more and more importance in our lives.

These are the 5 great predictions of Elon Musk on what’s to come in 2022 and our immediate future:

1. Cryptocurrencies will become increasingly important

Elon musk has explained simply and simply why cryptocurrencies are so important to our future: “Crypto is, fundamentally, about reducing the power of centralized governments. And that’s something they don’t like.” Although he was referring mainly to China, the reflection is general.

“Any form of currency has no power by itself, except as an exchange of value between people”, trying to explain the intrinsic workings of money, including cryptocurrencies.

If society in general places much more value on cryptocurrencies, they will have more value.

Elon musk

He also considers the current economic system to be slow and insecure. “I know a lot about payment systems and the general currency system and how it works [Elon Musk fue cofundador de, el origen de PayPal] unlike economists who think they know how it works. The reality is that money exchange systems are heterogeneous databases that are slow and insecure. “

He believes that governments will try to control them, but they will never be able to. “It is impossible to destroy them, they can only slow down their adoption,” he explained. Musk and Tesla have flirted with cryptocurrencies on several occasions.

The first time was when Tesla started accepting Bitcoin for vehicle payments. It was announced on March 24, 2021 and skyrocketed the value of the cryptocurrency. A few months after starting the pilot program, in May 2021, they canceled it until further notice.

Then, on December 14, they announced that they will accept Dogecoin to buy items in the Tesla accessories store, although at the moment, you cannot buy vehicles with this. memecoin.

Starlink is the company founded within Spacex to offer internet through satellites that are in low orbits, so the speed is much higher. Also with lower latency and much more stable connections.

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Being satellite, you can get an internet connection anywhere in the world using an antenna. Recently Starlink had a milestone by interconnecting its satellites in space, so that one located over Africa can use the internet connection that it gets from a base in America.

According to Elon Musk, Starlink It is designed to serve areas where there are no fast internet connections. “It will help to empower those who don’t have it.” Referring to the fact that with a satellite connection, you are not dependent on local regulations regarding internet providers.

In recent years, totalitarian governments have limited or directly cut Internet connections to try to prevent locally generated information from reaching the rest of the world. This would not be a problem with Starlink. Although recently they have come across an unexpected problem: cats.

3. Elon Musk believes that there will be more and more openness towards psychedelic drugs

Elon Musk has that in common with Steve Jobs. They have both spoken openly about the benefits of psychotropics. During the conversation with Kara swisher He explained that as new generations gain political power, they will be more accepted and therefore we will see more and more legalization of this type of drugs.

“People should be more open to psychedelic drugs.”

Elon Musk, fan of cryptocurrencies

4. We must increase the production of renewable energy and the importance of nuclear energy

As electric cars become popular, we will need to increase renewable energy production to meet demand. Elon Musk explains that one of the ways to achieve this is through the production of locally generated renewable energy. That is, to be able to charge the car with the energy obtained by means of solar panels installed on the roofs of the houses. “It is a necessary part of the solution.”

He also agreed to be surprised by the general public sentiment about nuclear power generation. He doesn’t think we should build new plants, but “we shouldn’t shut down the ones that are already operating safely.”

Musk refers to what happened in Germany, where they dismantled nuclear power generation plants and started using coal plants again.

5. The arrival of humanoid robots will be inevitable, according to Elon Musk

Elon musk consider that the arrival of humanoid robots will be inevitable. “With or without Tesla”, referring to the Tesla Bot project that they presented at the end of summer 2021. The entrepreneur has spent years talking about the possible problems that artificial intelligence can have in the future of society.

“After a possible collapse of civilization from not having children, intelligence is the second great threat facing humanity,” he explained. That is also why they are making great efforts to achieve the production of a humanoid robot that helps with repetitive tasks at home, but is designed and programmed to never harm a human.