Elon Musk could venture into education, this is what his followers think

Elon Musk could venture into education, this is what his followers think

Elon Musk has presented in networks social your new idea about a school, which has given what to talk about among his followers.

Elon Musk is currently one of the most important businessmen in the world, which is in a constant dispute for the first place of the person with the most money in the world, next to Jeff Bezos. Among some companies and projects Musk that you’ve surely heard of, are Tesla, Space X, Paypal and The Boring Company, which have managed to stand out from the rest thanks to their advances in technology.

This figure has been in charge of venturing into different industries, for example Tesla, which is in charge of generating income on the automotive market and electric mobility with futuristic vehicles; Paypal, which is an electronic payment method with which you can pay for various products and services, mainly on the web; on the other hand is Spacex, one of the most important current companies in the aerospace manufacturing and aerospace transport services market, being this the main private competition of Blue Origin, created by Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk has become an important figure in the world of social networks and even the economy, since a simple tweet from this character can affect the value of the shares of some bitcoins, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Elon Musk He has again made his own on Twitter, as he mentioned about a possible new project, create a new University under the name Texas Institute of Technology & Science. Despite the fact that this seems to show the interest in being able to create a new space where those interested in the world of technology could develop professionally, users have noticed a coincidence with respect to the acronyms, since these would be TITS, a word in English with which they also usually refer to the mammary glands, causing different opinions on the part of users, both for and against.

Despite the difference of opinion regarding the name, the one who Elon Musk will start his own school It does not sound entirely improbable, since he has even managed to create his space transportation company and is one of the current pioneers in technology, earning even some people to call him “the real Ironman”.

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In the event that the tweet is indeed a project that seeks to bring to reality, the entrepreneur would add another sector to which to go and increase their income, in addition to this, this would undoubtedly further boost the technology of the current companies with which bill.

However, this could be a bit contradictory on the part of the employer, since he has previously stated that the schools not really for learning, but for fun, creating controversy once again.

“They are basically for fun and to show that homework can be done, but not for learning.”

This idea would be added to the other leaders millionaires who also didn’t finish school, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which did not need to finish their university degrees to be successful. Is it really about a new project of Elon Musk Where will you seek to promote technology education? Or will it be about a simple controversial tweet again?