Elizabeth Rage will conquer you with Nami cosplay

Elizabeth Rage will conquer you with Nami cosplay

We have already told you, we always try to have everything you may like in this place, because it is your place, and we try to have it presentable, fresh and varied so that you can enjoy some of the best versions cosplay that we can find throughout social networks, and whether it is anime, video games, movies or anything from the geek world, we will send it to you; since we will always want you to know the best of the best and we will always seek to have something that may please you.

Our goal is simple: to always show the best cosplay versions that we find on the networks, and of course, many of them are about some of your favorite characters, and since it’s been a long time since we uploaded anything from the anime one pieceso the time has come to show you a bit of one of its most attractive characters.

The artist behind this photo shoot is the pretty cosplayer elizabeth rage, a popular girl originally from the United States, but who lives in Italy. She is a model, cosplayer, and creator of cool cosplay wigs, plus she has many different cool jobs on her Instagram account. @elizabethragewhere you already have more than 401 thousand followersand the numbers keep going up, this girl really knows what she’s doing.

The cosplay that comes to show us this time is from the anime one piecewhere Elizabeth Share your best version of Namione of the most beautiful girls in anime, where she wears long, reddish hair with shades of orange, as well as using two of the tops most used by the pirate girl, as well as shorts and denim pants and accessories that we see .

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The work of this beautiful cosplayer girl is undoubtedly of great quality, and she shows us her versions of some of our favorite characters; so, we hope this cosplay has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGamesNews.