Elena Strikes wins the match with her Lola Bunny cosplay

Elena Strikes wins the match with her Lola Bunny cosplay

There are various styles of cosplay within the world, as well as many and many exponents, so beauty is in variety, so we continue to show you a little bit of everything; And now, it’s the return of a beloved cosplayer, who gives us an irresistible version of her character.

We know that a cosplay can be created on a character from anime, video games, movies, comics and a long list of ideas and inspiration, and on this occasion the beautiful cosplayer Elena Strikes has returned to give us his best cosplay version of Lola Bunnythe tender and attractive bunny in the movies of spacejam Y looney tunes.

Elena Strikesa beautiful American model and cosplayer with a unique style of making her cosplay outfits, as she uses her cute face as well as her curves to give us her best cosplay versions of some of our favorite characters, you can find her on Instagram as @elena_strikeswhere it has almost 56 thousand followers and a great cosplay gallery, a girl, who is characterized by a casual style, but who always gives us great photography sessions, in which she wears costumes that make her take the characters off the screens and comic sheets, some of her most popular cosplay works, are based on spider-man Y starwarsbut this girl is so versatile that she handles almost any character.

Elenawearing her blond hair, collected and with a couple of strands in front, together with a two-piece suit with a white top and shorts with details in navy blue and red, as well as gloves that cover her hands just as the bunny looks in the movies, shows us once again, because it is so popular in networks.

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Once again, her looks leave us delighted, since this girl manages to present us with an adorable and attractive version of Lola Bunnythe bunny inside the looney tunes and from the movies spacejam; so we hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGamesNews.