Electrom is a kind of electric bicycle with pedals that has a differential technology. Here are the keys.

The expansion of sustainable mobility does not seem to have an end. Over the years, companies have made new investments with the aim of rapidly improving everything related to electrical technologies. After all this time, we have multiple proposals that are adapting to the different markets in which they compete. Still, there is always time to see how ingenuity and innovation offer new opportunities.

Can the motorcycle and electric bicycle industry admit new differential alternatives? This is exactly what Electrom proposes, a means of transport that stands out, mainly, for being a hybrid model between these options. This therefore makes it a technology that stands out in urban areas and, above all, in everything that refers to sustainability.

Among its main virtues, it draws attention how has experience deposited in the project, finally, it has been a success. Only in this way is it understood that we are faced with a model that, after years of development, ends up being the object of production. Now, why are we facing such an outstanding variant in the sector? Among its keys, special mention should be made of the development of its mechanism.

In terms of design, it can be clearly seen how it is a means of transport that is designed for efficiency. Its aesthetics comes to represent the ‘drop of water’ model, which allows to reduce the resistance to the wind to the maximum expression. Even so, the inclusion of an innovative proposal Pedaling is what really sets it apart from any other option on the market.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main qualities of this technology, why we could be a real success in the medium term and, of course, why it can be a mix of bike and motorcycle with great potential. Would you buy these technologies knowing that you will not pollute and, incidentally, save money on fuel?

Electrom, the unique combination of bicycle and motorcycle on the market

Nothing more and nothing less than 4 years are behind the development of this curious proposal. Its greatest exponent is Fabrizio Cross, a cycling professional who saw how it was possible to apply their knowledge in the field to create a different proposal and, above all, without competition in sight. As a result, it has been possible to obtain a unique product.

Electrom is a kind of electric bicycle that offers differential performance. New Atlas

The key to this technology is called Generator & Chain Drive. It bases its differentiation on the arrangement of 2 chains connected to the pedaling. One of them is also connected to a generator, while the other is connected to the motorized rear wheel.

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At the time when 15 km / h are reached, all the power is sent to the generator, which sends power, at the same time, to the wheel connected to it. This means that the user only has to pedal, practically without effort. In fact, the speed at which driving can be controlled by an accelerator. It is, therefore, a proposal that hardly tires the user who does not want to use his strength excessively.

Thanks to this curious proposal, only a 2,800 Wh lithium battery pack is required. However, it would be possible to add a second set of batteries of the same size, which would allow, practically, to double the autonomy. Well, how many kilometers could be done with a single charge? It depends on many factors, but the truth is that, according to the specialized portal New Atlas, reaching 200 kilometers would be a possible option.

An interesting proposal that opens a new option at a competitive level

In order to improve the competitiveness of this proposal at a dynamic level, it has a range of lightweight materials. So much so that, as a whole, it is achieved reduce the weight of the assembly up to an incredible 70 kilograms. For the calculation, the additional weight added by the arrangement of the 2 batteries present in the set has been included.

Electrom, a curious mix of bicycle and electric motorcycle enters the assembly line

Electrom will enter the production chain in the coming weeks. New Atlas

It is true that its design may not be one of its main premises when evaluating its acquisition. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this kind of bicycle Electricity is conceived to be a benchmark in efficiency. That is why you must give up other variables, such as a somewhat more careful image.

Well, what is the price that each unit would have? The first estimates speak that a unit leaving the factory will cost 10,050 dollars. It can be a bit expensive considering the incredible competition out there today in the field of sustainable mobility, but the truth is that the savings are considerable in the medium term. That said, the first bikes are expected to go on sale in the coming months. You have time to think about it!

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