Elden Ring, is ready for its long-awaited debut

Elden Ring, is ready for its long-awaited debut

We are very close to the great season of important releases, that is why many of the players count the days to get their hands on the expected Elden Ring.

The next release of FromSoftware, after a long wait and a delay, has become one of the most anticipated titles by players, and will finally be released in February, although even with a date set, some of the fans fear that the date will be postponed even more .

according to own FromSoftware, who wanted to start the week with good news for everyone, so those who are waiting for Elden Ring, the company confirmed that the project reached its Gold phase, this means that its development is complete, so now they are working on everything related to the launch and distribution.

Now that the studio has reported that while the main development is now complete, they are currently working on some additional tweaks that will arrive as part of a day one update.

That is why FromSoftware decided to show a little more of his game in the framework of the Taipei Game Show 2022, where its developer, Yasuhiro Kitao, reassured gamers who fear another delay of Elden Ring, since it confirmed that everything is ready for your launch the next February 25.

He stressed that now that the project has reached its Gold phase of development, it has already been sent to start mass production of the game, as well as adding a notice that there will be a patch on day 1 to ensure that the experience is the best. for all.

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“Elden Ring, was originally scheduled for release in January this year, and was pushed back once to February. But rest assured, the title will be ready for sale on February 25. The master version has already shipped and right now the team is working on a day 1 patch to make sure everything in the game is perfect.commented Kitao.

Remember that Elden Ringwill debut for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.