Elden Ring is a joke for this player and the Middle Lands are aired in less than an hour

Elden Ring is a joke for this player and the Middle Lands are aired in less than an hour

A game of Software It’s like putting cheese on the community of speedrunners. Whether they like it or not, they won’t be able to resist the temptation of completing Elden Ring, Dark Souls or Bloodborne in the shortest time possible. Not only that, but when there is a new release it can record big marks in the first few days.

However, its duration is short-lived. And it is that just a few days ago we were hallucinating how a user was ventilated Elden Ring in just two and a half hours, which is ridiculous time for LilAggy. She has achieved a better record, completing the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki in as only 59 minutes and 38 seconds, less than an hour. Sit back and enjoy the game

As you can see it is an impressive run. Not only is it necessary to know everything hidden in the Middle Lands by heart, but LilAggy makes use of little tricks to move faster. All teleportation mechanisms allow you to skip entire zones by taking advantage of them properly.

In fact, as often happens in these cases, Stormshroud Castle is not the first target, but goes directly to the Volcano Mansion where Rykard, one of the demigods, is staying. The truth is that heMost of the time is invested in overcoming Farum Azulathe last area of ​​Elden Ring, and one of the most difficult.

Another section that players have focused on is discovering what lies beyond certain walls. This is the case of the three coliseums that we find in the title, which seem to be ready to be used in the future.

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