Elden Ring gameplay leaked with an NPC, a talking tree

Elden Ring gameplay leaked with an NPC, a talking tree

New leaked images with gameplay from Elden ring have reappeared, this time showing an encounter with an NPC who speaks being a tree. Interestingly, the NPC is a demi-human named Boc, who appears in an edited version of the Elden Ring closed-net test. The testing phase started in mid-November and only lasted one weekend, but the excitement around FromSoftware’s next big project seems to have grown exponentially.

However, the network test had some drawbacks, as it didn’t take long for leaked details to appear on the Internet. While the leaks on enemies and certain environments are fairly harmless, someone has managed to hack the test and unearth information about the story and content of the endgame. Therefore, those who wait Elden ring They will do well to watch out for spoilers while the wait for the role-playing title persists. Now another gameplay leak has emerged, focusing on a single NPC that players can stumble upon during their exploration of The Lands Between.

YouTube channel ER-SA recently uploaded three minutes of gameplay of Elden ring drawn from the closed network test. The images begin with the player character running before being stopped by someone asking for help. It is not clear who is speaking at first until the user approaches a small tree, almost a bush, which turns out to have a solid knowledge of the English language. Things start to make some sort of sense when the player rolls towards the tree, effectively breaking a spell that reverts said tree to its demi-human form, called Boc. As the strange circumstances suggest, Boc is an interesting character.

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In a response to a curious viewer, ER-SA noted that Boc did not appear in the Closed Net Test “normally”. Rather, the encounter featured in the video above is courtesy of a test edit. It will be interesting to see how exactly Boc’s intro plays out in the final version of Elden ring.

Originally presented during E3 2019, Elden ring It was back in the spotlight last year during Summer Game Fest 2021. Fortunately, FromSoftware faithful will finally have the opportunity to explore the new interactive world for themselves in a few weeks.