Elden Ring Character Creator Leaked

Elden Ring Character Creator Leaked

FromSoftware He has always let us design all kinds of aberrations with the character creators for his games. From the most beautiful to the most seen, players have been able to create anything they can think of, and it seems that this will be no exception with Elden ring, his most recent project scheduled for February of this year.

Last weekend a video of Elden ring, giving us a sneak peek at their character creation system. Said system looks incomplete in the video, but it is still possible to appreciate many of its characteristics.

You can define the contour of your character’s face in countless ways, adding gigantic eyes and even a big nose that looks like a cartoon. The video ends with a green-skinned human with red markings on his chest, arms, and legs. You know, something very normal for FromSoftware games.

Another thing worth noting is how good the character models look. Each of them has a high visual quality and is already beginning to be seen as a true evolution for the formula of these games. At least in the graphic section.

And speaking of leaks, not long ago the story of this game was also leaked, so we recommend that you be careful if you are one of those who frequent forums or communities related to Elden Ring.

Elden ring comes to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC on February 25, 2022.


Editor’s note: I think the Elden Ring is without a doubt my most anticipated game next year. It’s a shame that it was delayed, but at least it was not such a substantial delay compared to other titles. I hope I don’t waste too much time creating my character.

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Elden Ring Character Creator Leaked

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