The Rubius, who started by uploading gaming videos to his channel Youtube, will now appear in the film from Uncharted next to Tom Holland.

Youtube was one of the platforms where first influencers of all kinds began to emerge, and even this continues to position itself as one of the networks most used social networks in the world. According to a study by Statista where it shows the social networks with the highest number of active users worldwide during January 2021, it was shown that Facebook is leading the list with 2,740 million active users, YouTube with 2,291, WhatsApp with 2,000, Facebook Messenger with 1,300 and Instagram with 1,221, among some others.

The Youtubers and Influencers, with the passage of time they became the most important figures on the internet, obtaining millions of followers throughout the world, which has led them to collaborate with hundreds of different brands, starting what today today it is known as influencer marketing.

In the same way, we have managed to witness some of these that have taken their fame beyond the internet and have even managed to cover other industries, such as in the music world, podcast and even, in the cinema.

If something has been made clear by social networks, it is that they like to see their favorite influencers being part of big industries, a fact that a Spanish youtuber has achieved. According to the medium of ACE in 2020, The Rubius is one of the Spanish influencers with the most followers internationals on Instagram and currently has more than 15 million followers on this platform. This had its origins making videos on YouTube, where it uploaded different somewhat alternative videos, in addition to gameplays and continued making video game content on Twitch, where it has already reached 10,224,000 million subscribers, being one of the accounts with the most followers up to the moment.

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Considering that videogames have been a representative part of the life of The Rubius, has now managed to take another leap in his career, as he will be present at the film from the video game Uncharted and the influencer shows his emotion in social networks.

East Youtuber He did not have any professional ties that led him to participate professionally in a film, however, this event shows us once again the importance of influencers in social networks and its relevance in the world of entertainment thanks to the fans.

Similarly, this is a strategy of influencer marketingSince your image is present, it will attract the attention of all your followers; However, it would also be interesting to know how much the presence of The Rubius on video game movie Uncharted in terms of percentage of box office sales.

Movies about videogames have achieved significant box office sales around the world, which although they have not broken any records, the market gamer He appreciates them and they have achieved a slightly easier positioning, compared to a completely new film. Among some of them that we will see in the following years are Mario Bros and resident Evil, which the networks have been both grateful and offended, however, continue to encourage conversation and give popularity to their titles.

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