Eight fresh recipes with fruit and cheese for a summer weekend snack

Eight fresh recipes with fruit and cheese for a summer weekend snack

The saying goes that grapes and cheese taste like a kiss, but maybe it should be extrapolated to all fruits, especially in summer, where the freshness and fruity sweetness contrast with the creaminess and the salty point of the cheese. Something that we have already told you in other examples, such as with recipes for fig toast.

Simple, fast and ideal to enjoy a weekend snack easily, our proposal today gives way to recipes of all kinds, both hot and cold, that solve a snack in a healthy way.

Ideal to get more fruit to be eaten at home or to give out – in case it happens – those fruits that start to get a bit moldy, giving them with cheese is the perfect way for us to bet on a healthy, affordable snack and that in most cases you will not even need to turn on the oven.

Juicy and flavor in the same bite, suitable for all ages and eminently vegetarian, this weekend snack is a plea to enjoy the last blows of the month of August and eat it with two cheeks.

Pitas apricot pizza with goat cheese

Preheat the oven with the grill to gratin, or at 200º C with heat up. Wash all the vegetable ingredients well and dry gently. Flatten the pita breads with a rolling pin and paint on both sides with olive oil.

Cook the breads on the grill or on the grill, to leave them slightly browned, but without darkening too much. Combine 100 g of the goat cheese in a bowl with the mustard, season and add zaatar or spices to taste. Form a cream and cover one face of each bread.

Cut the apricots into quarters or small pieces, discarding the pits, and distribute over the pitas. Add a little salt and bake about 5-10 minutes on the upper level, so they start to caramelize.

Cut the tomatoes into small quarters or slices and the radishes into thin slices. Distribute on the pitas adding arugula to taste and the rest of the cheese. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and add a pinch of black pepper.

They can be taken directly or gratinate a little again. It is also an option to add more melting cheese, such as mozzarella or emmental, so that it melts with the heat of the oven grill.

Recipe | Pitas apricot pizza with goat cheese

Puff pastry discs with apple and Camembert cheese

Puff Pastry Discs With Apple And Camembert Cheese For The Appetizer
  • Ingredients for 4 people. 1 apple, 1 puff pastry or 4 patty wafers, 1 camembert cheese, the juice of a lemon, an egg to glaze and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Elaboration. We stretch the puff pastry until it is approximately one and a half millimeters thick. With a plating ring, we cut 16 discs that will be necessary, and we place 8 on baking sheets or on a silpat so that they do not stick. Next, we remove the core of the apple and peel it. Immediately, we cut it into thin discs that we varnish with the lemon juice to prevent the apple from oxidizing and turning ugly. We begin to assemble our puff pastry discs, putting a slice of apple on each of them, and a good glob of Camembert cheese. Next, we add a few rounds of freshly ground pepper, -the touch it provides is essential-, and cover with more apple and close with the second puff pastry disc. If you do not have puff pastry, you can perfectly use the classic wafers for dumplings and the result will not change. We close the edges by folding the bottom disc a little over the top one, we varnish the discs already closed with beaten egg and put them to bake at 190ºC for about ten minutes, until the toasted color indicates that they are ready.

Recipe | Puff pastry discs with apple and Camembert cheese

Avocados stuffed with gorgonzola and walnut cream

Recipe for Avocados Stuffed with Gorgonzola and Nut Cream
  • Ingredients for 4 people. 120g of cream cheese, 80g of gorgonzola cheese, 30ml of liquid cream, a tablespoon and a half of ground walnuts, 2 avocados, 2 walnuts, ground black pepper and lemon juice.
  • Elaboration. In a bowl we will add the cream cheese, 60 g of gorgonzola cheese, the liquid cream and crush with a fork until forming a cream. Add the ground walnuts and ground black pepper and mix again. We reserve cold. Meanwhile, we cut the avocados lengthwise, remove the seed from them and brush them with lemon juice. We fill them with the cream cheese and walnuts, and garnish it with a piece of gorgonzola and half a walnut. We reserve in the fridge until serving time.

Recipe | Avocados stuffed with gorgonzola and walnut cream

Melon skewers or skewers with ham, mozzarella and cherry tomato

Melon Skewers Or Skewers With Ham Mozzarella And Cherry Tomato Fresh And Quick Appetizer Recipe For Summer
  • Ingredients for 6 people. Half a sweet melon with firm flesh, 1 fresh minimozzarella, very thin sliced ​​serrano ham, cherry tomato, arugula, extra virgin olive oil, ground black pepper, dried oregano, basil and granulated garlic (optional).
  • Elaboration. If you have time, it is a good idea to marinate the mozzarella in a mixture of olive oil, oregano, basil, black pepper and garlic. Otherwise, mount the skewers directly. Cut the melon in half, scoop out the seeds with a spoon and extract small balls with a scoop, or cut cubes similar in size to tomatoes with a knife. Wash the cherry and dry well. Cut strips of ham and roll them up. Form the skewers alternating the cheese, tomato, melon, ham and arugula, a little to taste and according to the size of the sticks. Arrange in a serving dish and garnish with oil, freshly ground pepper and the dried herbs. A spicy touch of ground chili would also do well.
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Recipe | Melon skewers or skewers with ham, mozzarella and cherry tomato

Brie cheese, caramelized onion, pear and rosemary mini quiches

Mini Quiches With Caramelized Onion Pear And Rosemary An Easy Appetizer Recipe For The Holidays
  • Ingredients for 15 units. 1 refrigerated rectangular puff pastry, 90g of caramelized onion, 80g of Brie or Camembert cheese, 1 large conference pear, 1 L egg, 200ml of liquid cooking cream, 10g of Dijon mustard (optional), fresh rosemary, ground black pepper and walnut ground butternut (optional).
  • Elaboration. Preheat the oven to 190ºC with a fan, or 200ºC with heat up and down. Lightly grease the mold with oil or butter, only if it is not non-stick. Wash and dry the rosemary and pear. Take out a few leaves of rosemary and chop them finely. Peel the pear and cut it into small cubes. Roll out the puff pastry without leaving it too thin and cut circles with a pasta cutter or a glass, which are larger than the cavities of the mold. Line the gaps making sure there are no air bubbles. It does not have to be perfect, you can readjust the dough by molding with your fingers. Cut the excess and save for another elaboration in the fridge. Spread the caramelized onion on the bottom of each tart and fill with pieces of pear and chopped or crumbled cheese, adding a small portion of rosemary. Beat the egg with the cream and mustard in a bowl, season and season with nutmeg. Cover the quiches with the mix and bake for about 12-15 minutes in the lower half of the oven.

Recipe | Brie cheese, caramelized onion, pear and rosemary mini quiches

Goat cheese and apple tartare

Goat Cheese And Apple Tartare Vegetarian Refreshing Appetizer Recipe
  • Ingredients for 4 people. Half a goat roll, 1 apple, half a pomegranate, the juice of half a lemon, 30ml of extra virgin olive oil, chervil or finely chopped fresh parsley, salt and ground black pepper.
  • Elaboration. Cut the goat cheese into small cubes. Cut the peeled apple into small squares and finally shell the half pomegranate. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Squeeze half a lemon and mix this juice with the two tablespoons of olive oil, the chopped chervil or another herb, the salt and the pepper. Mix with the fruits and cheese. Stir to impregnate well.

Recipe | Goat cheese and apple tartare

Canapes of caramelized pears and goat cheese

Pear and Goat Cheese Canapes
  • Ingredients for 2 people. 1 pear, 100g of goat cheese, 1 baguette bread, 15g of butter, 10g of sugar and ground black pepper.
  • Elaboration. Peel the pear, remove the seeds and cut it into slices of a similar size to the slices of bread that we are going to use. Heat the butter in a hot pan and brown the pear slices over low heat for about five minutes. Then sprinkle the sugar and leave another five minutes on the fire until golden brown. halfway through cooking, turn the pear slices over so that they are golden on both sides. Meanwhile we cut the bread into slices and the goat cheese into slices approximately half a centimeter thick. We place the bread on a baking rack. When the pear is ready we place a slice on each bread. Cover with the cheese and season with a little ground black pepper. Bake at 180ºC for about 12 to 15 minutes.

Recipe | Canapes of caramelized pears and goat cheese

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Timbale of avocado, cream of goat cheese and salmon

Timbale Of Avocado Cream Of Goat Cheese And Salmon
  • Ingredients for 2 people. 1 ripe avocado, 50g of goat cheese, 1 lime, 30ml of liquid cream, 50g of smoked salmon, fresh dill, ground black pepper, salt and caviar substitute.
  • Elaboration. We cut the avocado in half, remove the bone and remove its meat. We mash with a fork and add the juice of half a lime together with the goat cheese and the liquid cream. Season to taste and mix until smooth. We place using a ring and placing the previous mixture inside. We crush well and remove the ring. On the base we place the smoked salmon, some dill leaves and a teaspoon of caviar substitute. Let it rest for a few minutes in the fridge for the flavors to settle before serving.

Recipe | Timbale of avocado, cream of goat cheese and salmon

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