Eight free large file sharing websites, no need to register or install apps

Eight free large file sharing websites, no need to register or install apps

Much of our life on the Internet is based on sharing files, whether for professional purposes, or for leisure and entertainment. However, many times we have to deal with registration on certain websites, download limits, and so on. Roadblocks that make file sharing a bit more complicated than it should be.

In this article we have compiled a good handful of websites where we can upload and download files without the tedious need to register on any website or download any application for it. And there is life beyond Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive!


If you want to share files completely free of charge and without the need to register, few will find as simple and efficient as Wormhole. You only need your browser, copy a link and not exceed 10 GB.

Wormhole is very easy to use, you just have to drag the file you want to send to the app window and share the url with the person who will receive the file. It also has an app for Windows in case it convinces you more.

The link can be shared even before the upload and encryption of the files is complete, and a preview of the files can also be viewed during the process. If the files are 5 GB or less in size, the files will be uploaded to Wormhole’s own servers for later download..



With Blaze we can share files in a very simple way, without the need to register, and through a visually attractive website. It is done in a special way, and that is its file sharing method is based on P2P, using WebTorrent and WebRTC protocols.

The operation is simple. We will only have to insert a nickname, something that should not be confused with the registration on the web since it is only temporary, and the name of our room where we are going to share our files. Once that is done, users must enter the room with the link that we share.

Anyone who connects to the room through the link will be able to download or upload files in it. The room is automatically deleted when users leave it.



ToffeeShare is a good option to send files completely free of charge, with no size limit, and without the need to register on the web. We just have to select the files we want to send and share the link to those who want to download it.

As explained in ToffeeShare, they resort to end-to-end encryption with DTLS v1.2 encryption. It works with a link and / or a QR code that the recipient must have and this is valid as long as the browser window is open, so it is not the most comfortable system, but at least it does not require registration or install software.

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Smash Transfert De Fichiers

Smash stands out for its simplicity, since we will only have a button to select on your website and start uploading the files. There is no size limit, and we can also do it without registering.

The files will be deleted after 14 days, and in its free plan we can only send files to one person per upload. On the website they specify that if the upload exceeds 2 GB, they may have to queue us. Your payment plans start from five euros a month with your ‘Pro’ plan.



Another option worth mentioning is TransferKit. This website also allows file sharing without the need for registration. As it says on its website, We can select any type of file with a limit of up to 32 GB per upload.

After the climb, a link will be generated that we can share with other users. The website has no additional plans, and it is completely free.

Files are stored in decentralized cloud-based systems, being able to access them whenever we want. This is also a negative point, since these files will always remain on the network.

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Wetransfer 1400x800 1 1024x585

A classic in the professional world. With WeTransfer, in addition to the well-known function to send files and folders by e-mail, It also has a function to share files by means of a link and without the need to register..

Once we have created the link, it will expire a week, something that is good to know. However, the main ‘but’ is its download limit in its free version. And is that We can only send up to 2 GB of files. If we sign up for its ‘Pro’ version, we can share up to 200 GB of files for 12 euros per month.


Justbeam it

Another alternative for easy file sharing without registration is JustBeamIt. On this website We just have to select the files we want to send and after that a link will be generated to share it.

If the link has not been used after 10 minutes, it will be removed to ensure our security and anonymity. The downside of this service is its limit, which is 2 GB.


File Io

Another totally free service that we can use without registering is File.io. Working in a similar way to the others mentioned, here we just have to select the files and share the link that is generated.

The main ‘downside’ of this service is its limit. And is that With the free plan we can only upload up to 100 MB of files, having to go to the ‘Basic’ plan to increase that limit by 10 GB, something that amounts to $ 25 per month. Especially useful for small files. Also, these are removed after the first download on your free plan.