edit PDF, convert documents and more, on the same website

edit PDF, convert documents and more, on the same website

100% free. No time limits. No restrictions. This is the cover letter of a digital swiss army knifea compendium of online utilities that will help you work with all types of files. From pdf documents to videos, photos and files in general. All in the form of small tools to which you only have to upload the file in question. Edit PDF, compress video, convert files… Your name? TinyWow.

It will have happened to you on more than one occasion. You need to do something with a video, an image or a PDF. Something specific for what you don’t need a program of the complexity from Photoshop, Premiere either stuntman, all three from Adobe. And although they offer professional solutions and are very complete in what they do, they are too much for something as simple as adding a watermark, compressing a video or merging several PDFs.

TinyWow It is not the first of this style. We have long enjoyed wonders like iLovePDF and the like. But that doesn’t detract from it. For nothing, we get small online tools to solve any task. A sort of online emergency kit for when you can’t find the right program to do something with PDF, video, photos and files usually.

Find what you need and do it

It’s that simple. We came in TinyWow and we ran into a search engine. Write what you want to do and suggestions of the online utilities offered by this page will appear. Although it is in English, it will be easy for you to handle. Search by PDF, video, image or file. Or you can also display the menus above and see all the available tools. Or scroll down and see those same tools. Come on, there is no loss.

In PDF you can edit PDF, create PDF from another document, convert a Word, JPG, PNG, GIF, ePub, a web page from a link, a PowerPoint, a MOBI or an AZW3 to PDF. You can also do the opposite way, that is, convert a PDF to one of those formats. But there is more: cut a PDF into several, merge several PDFs into one, add an eSign electronic signature to the PDF, compress a large PDF, protect a PDF with a password, rotate the pages of a PDF, extract text or images from the PDF, delete specific pages, etc. Come on, everything you need to do with PDF there you have it.

In photography and images, you can cut the edges, compress images, convert between formats (HEIC, JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG), add borders, pixelate, add text, remove color, blur a fragment… You can also remove the background of an image or create a profile image with the help of templates. In video it is possible to cut fragments, remove sound, download videos from Facebook (forget YouTube, it doesn’t work), convert video to WebP or GIF, extract audio from a video, compress video, etc. In section records you will have the opportunity to convert XML, JSON, CSV or Excel files to each other.

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And in other you will find various curiosities such as a QR code generator or a random text generator for design. You can also save web pages in PDF, PNG and JPG format from their link. Very practical as an alternative to the usual screen capture.

Easy, fast and free

Each tool or utility is different, but they generally share the ability to upload a file from your PC, Mac, or mobile device, or use a file from your Google Drive space instead. The file is uploaded to the server TinyWow, which will execute the task and serve the result for you to download. And in case you’re worried privacythe files are deleted from your server after 15 minutes.

Under each of the online utilities, once we access them, you will see explained what it consists of. Basically three steps. Upload file, process it and download the result. As you upload files you will be able to consult them and see the time left for them to be deleted from the server. Or you can do it by hand.

Regarding the limitations of TinyWowit is difficult to talk about it because at no time are we prevented upload a file by its size. It’s a matter of trying until you reach the limit, especially if you need, for example, to compress video. Of course, sometimes you will run into a Error message indicating that it was unable to process that file. But it doesn’t tell you if it’s because of the size or because the tool hasn’t achieved its purpose.

Refering to quality of earnings online, it depends on each one. Some are more successful than others, of course. The conversions are usually successful, but when it comes to applying effects or corrections to the images, sometimes it fails. In the PDF section, everything goes smoothly, and editing PDF today has become a simple task thanks to its integration in smartphones and in any online application worth its salt. TinyWow.

Summarizing. TinyWow it is what it is. A compilation of online utilities for get out of trouble in your day to day, such as creating, compressing or editing PDF. Maybe you even come to this page several times a day. But it is worth remembering its purpose. And if you are going to need to cover more complex tasks, for that you should go to more specialized proposals What Canvas either Photoshopif we talk about graphic design, or video editors like Premiere, OpenShot either clipchamp, if we deal with video. Even for tasks like compressing video I would go to a desktop tool like handbrake instead of an online one. But to prove that it does not remain.