Ecobee is a brand specialized in home automation control through its devices, whether they are connected cameras or smart thermostats. And it is this last range that now benefits from an update that makes it Siri compatible for voice control of the thermostat.

Until now, owners of iOS devices could control from an iPhone, iPad or from the Apple Watch the different options and features offered by some devices of the brand. And now it is the smart thermostat that improves your possibilities by enable voice control thanks to Siri.

Voice control with Siri or Alexa

To make it possible, ecobee is rolling out an update for the smart thermostat ecobee. With it, Siri voice commands can be used with the device.

Customers can then use Apple’s smart assistant to say “Hello Siri” to their smart thermostat and set the temperature, turn the thermostat on or off, know the home temperature

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The brand claims that the firmware update has started to roll out and will be available for the next few weeks for all ecobee SmartThermostat customers.

In order to take advantage of this update, it will be necessary to have a HomePod or HomePod Mini speaker and an iPhone with iOS 15 or later to enable Siri in SmartThermostat, so that the thermostat sends requests through the same network to improve the level of privacy. Additionally, users can also control the smart thermostat via Apple’s “Home” app.

It should also be remembered that ecobee thermostats already support built-in voice control with Amazon Alexa, assistant to which Apple’s Siri now joins.

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