If there was a game that science fiction fans were looking forward to seeing at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase that took place tonight, it was Outer Wilds, by Mobius Games, one of the most awarded independent games of recent years for its narrative and its rich solar system that evolves in real time and explodes into a supernova in just under half an hour. Well, as it had been leaked, Outer Wilds will feature an expansion called Echoes of the Eye that will arrive on September 28 to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In this new adventure within the Outer Wilds universe, one that made sense within the narrative, its creators say, we will return to the solar system where the main action of the game takes place, but it is still not very clear what this new story will be about. In this first gameplay trailer we can see that an eclipse takes place, at the same time that several new scenarios are presented that seem to be ruins of ancient civilizations. At the moment, the only official message from the studio about this new content is “there is more to explore here.”

As in the original game, hopefully these new mysterious locations offer more than the emergent narrative so celebrated of the studio, as well as new and challenging puzzles that defy the logic of space and time. The base game could already boast of squeezing all the attention and insight of the players if they wanted to advance in the right way and, very importantly, at the right time.

Outer Wilds is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (both on Steam and the Epic Games Store) and will soon also arrive on Nintendo Switch. Mobius Games also announced today a collaboration agreement with the Unity graphics engine that will help the team continue working on Outer Wilds and future projects.

Echoes of the Eye is coming to consoles and PC in September

▪ Release date: 05/29/2019