eBay Launches First NFT Collection for Non-Cryptocurrency Buyers

eBay Launches First NFT Collection for Non-Cryptocurrency Buyers

The e-commerce giant eBay has officially launched its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection with a series of tokenized collectibles featuring National Hockey League (NHL) legend Wayne Gretsky. The collection launched on Monday.

The NFT collection features animated versions of Gretsky inspired by the covers of Sports Illustrated magazine. They are available in four different levels of rarity: green, with 299 editions, gold, with 199, platinum, with 99, and diamond, with 15.

The collection is already for sale on the eBay market. However, the diamond, platinum and gold limited editions, worth $1,500, $100 and $25 respectively, have already sold out.

According to the eBay listing, the collection has been developed in collaboration with the OneOf environment-focused NFT platform, which supports multiple “energy-efficient blockchains” to offer sustainable NFT collections.

eBay initially enabled NFT listings in mid-2021, but has not integrated blockchain technology to support sales on its marketplace. As for this official release, users receive a redeem link via platform messaging or email to receive their NFT off-platform.

The NFTs were minted on the Ethereum scaling platform Polygon and can be put up for sale on the OneOf secondary market.

However, secondary trading of NFTs on OneOf has been minimal so faras only three users have listed platinum-tier tokens for sale at a minimum price of $199, and one user has listed a gold-tier NFT for $69.

The vice president of collectibles, electronics and home of eBay, Dawn Block has stated that NFT technology is “revolutionizing the collectible space” and has highlighted that the company wants to bring NFTs to collectors around the world:

“Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is making coveted NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors around the world. This is based on our commitment to bring great passion and value to the eBay community of buyers and sellers.”

OneOf CEO Lin Dai echoed similar sentiments, noting that the duo are looking to make NFTs accessible to people who are not well versed in the cryptocurrency space:

“You don’t have to be a cryptocurrency expert to buy, sell, and collect NFTs. OneOf and eBay are bringing Web3’s transformative technology to the next 100 million non-crypto-native mass consumers.”

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